Three years ago I saw an awesome 3 piece band perform acoustic rock in Cabo, Mexico. They were performing in a really cool, dark lounge near our hotel. They had a blue light that cast a deep, blue glow over themselves and their equipment. The lighting looked awesome and the music was unreal. 

As soon as I got back to SD, I purchased colored wash lights. To this day, I bring them to every gig. I know musicians who charge extra to bring lights for shows. I don't because I would not want to do a show without them. 

When I play out, I want everything to be great. I want every show to be special. I want people to come back and bring their friends. When I plug in, and my blue stage lights turn on, it sets the tone. It marks my stage territory and it sets the vibe. 

Howard Stern has said he spends a lot of time setting up his studio. He has a virtual fireplace on display, comfortable leather couches, and ambient lighting. He does this to create a special vibe where his guests can relax and feel good. 

When I show up to perform at a party or a lounge, I have the same intention. "All good things. Block out the bad. Bring in the good. Up, down, and around. Like a carousel." 

My lights may not seem like a lot, but they are very important to me. They reflect a mentality. They represent everything I'm about. Relax, check out for a bit, and enjoy something really cool. 

I love to fly Virgin airline simply b/c of the violet lighting in the cabin (shout out Vit). 

When my lights turn on, I get excited. It is special. It is go time.