My Cargo Bike

I was 23 when I decided to go into music as a career. I was really excited but I was also nervous. I used to watch this Arnold Schwarzenegger motivation video:

I've memorized the video word for word. He says, "break the rules. There are so many rules in life. You have to break the rules. Not the law, but you can't get anywhere without breaking some of the rules." 

When I was starting in music in San Diego, I used to wake up at 8 and ride my bicycle to my rehearsal studio. I would pack two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my backpack and lean my guitar against my handlebars. Everyone else was starting their morning commute and I was riding my bike to play guitar. At the time, I felt like I was breaking the rules. 

Now I am 30 years old working as a full time musician in Boston. I ride a cargo bicycle to get to all of my gigs around the city. All of my equipment fits inside my cargo bike. I love riding my bike. I strap my guitar to my back and I cruise. It is a blast. I still feel like I am breaking the rule.