Proudly sponsored by Taylor Guitars, Pat Dowling is a professional musician who has traveled internationally for work. His use of a loop pedal to layer his guitar playing, singing, and beat boxing, creates an upbeat style fusing acoustic pop and hip hop. HIs major influences are Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, and Third Eye Blind. 


More than anything, Pat goes after what he loves. A D1 lacrosse All American from the University of Delaware, Pat was drafted to play professional lacrosse in Boston in 2011. A career ending injury brought that dream to a close and opened the door to another. 


After recovering, Pat moved to San Diego to go all in on music. He was excited to pursue his dream in a new city.  He built a wooden platform on the back of his moped to carry his music equipment to gigs. During the day, Pat coached lacrosse to help cover costs. 


"I got really into surfing and I put a surf rack on my moped. The rack held my surf board in the morning, my lacrosse stick in the afternoon, and my microphone stand at night." 





With the same work ethic developed through athletics, Pat practiced endlessly and took as many gigs as possible to develop his craft. Pat began performing at weddings and corporate events, and was soon picked up by every music booking agency in San Diego, including the highly selective Acoustic Spot agency. 

"Training kids in lacrosse was very helpful for my music career because all the lessons carried over. I would tell these young players, 'Dream big! He who treads slowly, goes far. Energy and persistence conquer all things. Go for it!' I tell myself the same things everyday in regards to music, and life." 

In 2018, Pat was flown from Boston to San Diego to perform on the main stage of America’s Finest Corporate Dash in front of 3,000 people. In addition to San Diego, Pat has been flown to perform in Nappa Valley, Costa Rica, and Cabo San Lucas.

Today, Pat resides in Boston where he performs 5 nights a week. He lives with his wife and their English bulldog Stella. Pat enjoys traveling and surfing.


"Pat Dowling is someone we trust; We know he is going to show up on time, dress sharp, and be a complete gentleman at every event we book together. The best part is that we never have to 'sell' clients on his attention to detail or unique song selections - they recognize that the first time they meet him. It is no surprise that Pat Dowling has grown to be one of our most requested musicians."

 /// Josh Williford- Owner, Acoustic Spot Talent LLC. 


"Pat Dowling is both a talented entertainer but a professional as well. He helped establish our room as a credible entertainment venue here in San Diego and is welcome to come back anytime!"

/// Bob Walin - Owner of The Shout House, San Diego's #1 Live Music Venue





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